I added a link to some of my DEMO SONGS. Most are recorded at home and with a little help from my friends.
Credits go to:
Jimmy Cassidy Bass, Guitar
Ken Gardella: Guitar
Joe Daily: Guitar
David Choen: Guitar
Lou DiBlassi: Guiter

Scott Sedita (ME) Words & Music, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Keyboards, Mixing and arranging.

If you are interested in More Please e-mail me I'd be happy to share more with you
Goin to the Sun
Leaving on a road trip. Going to ride my Road Star down in Venice. I'm looking forward to escaping the area for a while and hooking up with some old friends in the Shark Coast AREA!
The Cafe Aroma Friday Nights
I'm not sure if I'm going to continue to frequent this place as I felt a little Dissed last week. I'll keep you posted, If I'm gonna go and play I'll post the address but for now I'm not too sure.
Already another Entry!
I have uploaded 3 galleries and 1 linkpage.

The Galleries are my 2005 & 2006 "Fantasy BankNote" displays. These notes were inspired and designed to look and feel like real money with a humorous and fantasy twist.

The other gallery is for My 2006 ROAD STAR. I traded in my "Royal Star" for this bike and have been doing minor work as time allows. You can see in the progression of the slideshow the new Pipes, and "Dragger Custom" seat.

Last is the link to I cant believe its been 10 years gone already, but all the songs are free download and the musics still heavy. (Yes thats me singing)

This is New
Hey, Please come back to visit. I am Adding a bunch of photos, artwork, Music and links real soon. Hope to see you back here!