Only a few close friends have ever heard the full body of my music. Here is some old Demo Songs. These are songs that were recorded in my home studio, on an old mac or 4 track. (before 2009) and North Street Studios was born. They are copyrighted but I'm sharing them now. I have about many many more but for now these are all you get. Click to play or "Right click" and save to disk.
Recorded with Joe Daily
Mostly Digital with My vocals
Dedicated to Wolfredo
The After Effect
JAZZ From Hell (thanks FZ)
I AM! With some help from Ken Gardella
with Jim Cassidy.
Yea Sexy, Closing time
Concept Lou D. Who did all the work?
Jim again, He likes my poems.
Little Box of Bittersweet Chocolate Hearts (Thats a mouthfull)
(this is the slow on Vitamin "D" Mix!)
Joe Daily, Maybe he's real?
David Cohen, I made this song for you!